Premium Membership

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Why should you be a Premium User?

* A Premium User gets 5 votes a day per pageant as compared to once a day to a free user for 30 days! 

* A Premium User can either vote 5 times for his/her favourite contestant or distribute to other contestants pageant or category depending on the set up

So don't wait until the last minute. Make your vote(s) count today and be a premium user for only $2.99/30days for one pageant/category depending on the set up


For Inquiries on how to become a Premium User, PLEASE send us a message at our Page:

1. No refund policy. For any concerns, users can instead, extend their premium membership or have it renewed for free depending on the concern at hand
2. Premium membership is non-transferable
3. Prices may change without notice.
4. Avoid duplicate messages to avoid response delay
5. Premium membership will only be for the pageant that you are supporting in